Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1st 2016 - A New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's the 1st of January 2016! 
I have been a tad emotional about the end of the year/the beginning of a new year - after such a Divine and unexpected blessing last year; I find myself overwhelmed, and while it's probably just motherhood hormones adjusting as Ruby grows, it brought to the surface all the fears of unexpected possibilities! A new year is like a blank canvas stretched out in front of me and I'm not quite sure how to begin what 2016 - what will look like!?
So maybe I'll just take it one day at a time...with baby steps! 
Like we did last year through the pregnancy! 
Today Ruby took up all my time; and that's ok, hard because I want to work on a few little projects around the house...but I know, I keep reminding myself, that these days will pass by and the projects will still be there; but my baby will not remain a baby for very long! 

So day one of 2016 was spent holding and strolling with my Ruby! Enjoying the refreshing breeze and cooler temperature after yesterday's 40+ scorcher! 

We managed a trip to the park: for Ruby's sake, we have to lean to like the park again!

So here we are at 11.15pm, my eyelids are heavy, and that's day one of this New Year with its finely sketched lines drawn! 
2016 - welcome and come on in! 
xxx Rowie xxx

Monday, April 20, 2015

Woohoo...the 2nd Trimester!

Would yer look at ThiS!

Finally after 12 weeks of not wanting a drop of coffee - but strangely still loving the smell...I have this morning managed to drink a cuppa coffee

Didn't quite brave my usual strong black: instead opting for a gentle soy flat white! 
Oh BaBy...I think we might be turning the corner! 

I might soon be sociable again! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Breathing New Life

So in breathing new life into this old blog - I am delighted and humbled to announce the blessing of a new little life which has been breathed into our lives! 

Yesterday was our 12 week scan!
Seeing all those images on the monitor showing our precious little one waving their newly formed arms and legs, wriggling and turning, a heart with four chambers, little feet, tiny itty bitty kidneys, a bladder and a brain - Oh it sure slaps you with a solid reminder of the miracle of life and Boom it goes straight into your heart!    

So Very Loved!

As the sonographer was taking baby's measurements we learned that from ear to ear is 2.5cm, head circumference is 7.5 cm; as she spoke my fingers I were spacing those dimensions and I was in total awe as I looked at all the features we could see; such a teeny tiny little person is in there, waving arms and legs, and oooh gosh those itty-bitty little feet!! 

There is still 6 months to wait till I can kiss those little toes...but oh isn't life just a miracle? 12 weeks in and already waving at us!

Excuse my pregnant mind, I'm perhaps just a bit overwhelmed with Joy! 

Recent weeks has seen me experiencing long forgotten utter exhaustion, and constant icky "bluuurgh-ing"! 

5 years ago we weren't so lucky, two weeks of quiet celebration ended and I was mourning what might have been for at least six months afterwards!
So it has been with cautious optimism that I have made it to 12 weeks!    

It was such a relief seeing that it's not all "in my head",and there on the monitor with the evidence of this, was our little soul waving back showing us!
 It's all really really real!
Seeing Mr VintageNobility so excited with happy tears as he held my hand and watched the monitor made me fall in love with him all over again; it was one of life's most perfect moments!

When I step back to look at the last few weeks we have to go back to just before my 40th birthday!

As my birthday approached I was panicking like this:

(substitute the word Indicted --> to Forty!)

However a week before my 40th, Grandma had once again broken her hip and things were not looking good. 
On the day I turned 40 all I wanted to do was visit her in the hospital and say prayers and hold her hand. Mr VintageNobility came with me and at one point as he reached to hold her hand she pulled her arm away and waggled her finger at him!
We laughed, because that was soooo grandma!!

When grandma passed away we were relieved she was no longer suffering, we were sad, but we were happy that she could now be free and take flight to be with grandpa.

   Grandma's funeral preparations saw me completely forget about my anxiety about the number 40. I wrote my tribute in a matter of minutes, and it was as if the words flowed through my pen! 

We celebrated her life with a beautiful funeral, the service held in an old blue-stone church in the countryside, the same church where my parents were married, it was built in 1859!
After the service my cousins and I carried her coffin out to the car, and silently held hands as we followed it out across the road and into the cemetery, up the hill to her final resting place with Grandpa!

So it wasn't until a week later that I suddenly started to wonder about things and scrolled through the calendar counting my fingers and thinking and wondering...
I took the test! 

And then we just sat there reacting like this...    

It took a few weeks to actually believe what those two pink lines actually meant.

Then I tried to pretend that it wasn't real, because I was worried to allow myself to feel that excitement again; and I almost anticipated the worst possible scenario, as if by doing so I would not be quite so devastated if something happened again: like it did 5 years ago!

Now here we are at 12 weeks and I feel so relieved and blessed and grateful!
I have said so many prayers and whispered so much love to this sweet little surprise soul, and every morning as I stumble towards the bathroom, I smile at that photo of my grandma and ask her to help watch out for us!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Testing Testing 123
Is this thing switched on? 
I am hanging my head in shame and if I had a tail it'd be surely tucked up beneath me right now!
Yes, me and my tail would be howling at the moon - and I understand that you are probably too busy reading a blog by someone with commitment and grit, powered by an individual with the resolve and determination to share and inspire all corners of the galaxy with a fabulous tale of a day in their life! Perhaps that's been my problem from the get go...aiming too high and with flawed ambitions!?!

So here I am, quietly just creeping back. I'm ready to just talk and tap away at this VintageNobility Blog microphone and imagine I'm on an empty stage, able to sing and dance without a care in the world...what shall I mumble into this? No matter!  If there are any folks up the back, in the cheap seats, I wonder if they would be able to hear me? Can you hear back there?

No matter: let the vocal warm-up here begin because if I can't be at ease with myself on an empty platform then what the heck will happen if or when an audience gathers!?

What do I begin with? 
Well let me begin with the fact that a couple of months ago I hit the big 4 0! 

40 is just a number and it's surely, by now, been written about by women from every village, city and paddock all across the world; but of course I wasn't listening when they wrote their worries, feelings and concerns - because I wasn't 40 - and even in the last couple of years when 40 was but a glimmer on the approaching horizon I was too busy burying my late 30-something self into this busy life around me - and amused that I hadn't crossed into the 40 territory! 

So I've hit this big scary number I can't help but wonder though what the next decade will dump on me? Am I ready for my 40's? Or should I just go on as 39 +1 or perhaps 21...for the 19th year in a row? 

I loved turning 30 - finally felt secure in myself and life - but my 40's will probably introduce some of the more obvious early signs of 'old age' and that scares me - because I still want to do so much with my life, with my husband and my kids - even though the older two are already (technically at least) adults! 

Returning to my blog is a bit like finding myself in a holiday house,
it's still holding all it's glorious potential and memories but I need to fling off the dusty covers, sweep away the cobwebs, open up the windows and let the sweet breezes from my heart and the light of my thoughts start streaming through once more!

March 20th marked 25 years - a quarter of a century - since I met Mr VintageNobility!
Today is 22nd of March
and it is our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Over the last few weeks much has been happening around here,
I will leave you hanging with that,
and assure you that I will be back soon to start filling you in on what those happenings are!

So let the breezes of change begin!

xxx Love n Light xxx

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

G'day Stranger...

Well hellooooo from the old Blog page here! I'm sitting outside with my iphone here - all freshly updated by my dutiful daughter - who understands technical gadgets faaaarr better than moi!

So while sitting in the sun that has peaked through these overcast skies, admiring the bright and cheerful dandelions that are overtaking my yard, I had myself a thought; seeing how I use my iphone for Everything, truthfully, I have it strapped permanently in my palm, infact, without it my palms are twitcher than Christian Greys!

So, with this thought, I saw my thumb whip across the screen skimming to this app - and look at this - here we are - over at my sorely neglected blog!

So I pulled myself up outta this chair and found a few other pretties flowering and figured lets give this mobile app a go and see what evolves and who knows - maybe you'll see more of me over here!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Colour me Happy

Colour me Happy it's Monday!

Welcome to my blog here!
If you're back for another look then Thank you for taking the time...

If you're viewing for the first time...then could you maybe stuff me into your favourites list
keep me in a folder with some of the fancy bloggers, 
I promise I'll be good and I will try to improve with time...
like a fine wine!!

I am still on the learning curve of all that comes with starting a new blog!

For anyone having a bit of a lurk through here,
just checking me out ;) heheee

I thought I might share a little bit more about 
'who I am'
 with you!

for any 'relationship' to last
it needs to begin with truthfulness and honesty,
there needs to be a bit of 
'raw and real, patience and trust...and importantly a touch of humour and spark'
so I guess I need to start telling my lurking audience a little more about 
who this 
chic is and
all the what/why/how/where and when that goes with my story!

Ramble Alarm!
You might want to pour yourself a drink at this point :)

I am married to a beautiful 'Persian' man
well he's actually an Aussie citizen,
but he was from Iran - or as they always called it - Persia!

I was just 15 when I met the love of my life!
I fell in love with him the night I met him! 

He was a refugee from the ancient land of Persia (Iran),
a young man who had fled across the mountains at the tender age of 14, 
and escaped to the unknown cities of Pakistan.

He arrived in Australia at the ripe old age of 16! 

However during those 2 years alone in Pakistan,
(awaiting his permission to migrate to Australia)
 in a strange country with other young displaced refugees,
he had clung to his faith, a faith for which he would have been persecuted, 
had he remained in his homeland with his family!

When my love arrived in this country, 
he had just $10 US dollars, and a small bag packed with a few clothes and possessions,
he knew only a few a words of English - but he had something far greater than anything money could afford
he had his faith and Belief!

By the age of 21, 
he had completed his high school certificate and had been accepted into a University here in Melbourne;
upon moving halfway across this new land to accept this opportunity,
 he undertook two jobs to pay his way through University and afford the rent and costs of daily living.

His hard work and determination saw him not only afford the necessities,
 but also save for the long desired wants of a young man;
and so he saved for something he had always wanted... 
a BIG fancy stereo; 
the sort with big speakers, a twin CD player, twin tape decks and a record player! It was the late 80's - no iPods at that stage kids!

The very day he purchased this long awaited and hard saved item
was the 21st of March 1990.
It was also the night he and I were to meet for the first time
...and fall in love!

It was the Naw Ruz or Iranian 'New Year' celebration
and we both happened to be attending a dinner to mark the occasion.
I was just 15 - and had no choice but to attend as my parents insisted I come along!

He, begrudgingly attended that dinner, at the behest of his slightly older 'wiser' flatmate and their friends, when really all he had wanted to do was sit at home, and listen to the amazing and crisp sounds of his new speakers!

Anyways, my mother had told me to go off and be sociable, be polite... and talk to the people arriving at the hall where this dinner was being held, 
...and so I did, 
at first I spoke with a few familiar family friends...
then I spotted a table with a young man sitting in a corner and looking rather lost and lonely, not alone - as he had his handsome friends with him,
but he was not sitting like them! He looked somewhat sad and he was clearly not in a celebratory mood! 

So I sat down in the empty seat near him and introduced myself - (which was totally in contrast to the shy girl I remember myself as!)
And so from that moment on - began the rest of our life together!

2 years later at the tender age of 17; Yes 17! I married my love,
(And that'll one day be a whole other post/story!)
 and together we have built a beautiful life and we have 3 gorgeous children!

Fast forward to 2012...
You may have read in the blurb of this blog
something about me loving 
Vintage, Frenchy, pretty things, 
good food and good friends, 
laughs and love!

Well over the last 22 years

since I first met my love,
I have developed a taste for delicious Persian food!
Furthermore - my guy can Cook too! 

Long ago, I left the bad taste food I was raised on 
and learned to cook a few of the traditional meals,
that are familiar to all Persians!

When I first started trying to cook 'Persian' cuisine,
there was no Google, hardly any cookbooks translated into English,
and I had to ring relatives on long overseas distance calls...
which used to cost a fortune!

I eventually found a few books - but with No Pictures though,
and read up on the history of some of the most well known dishes of his homeland!

So in the early days, whenever I dabbled in cooking 'Traditional Persian Food',  it was often a bit of a muddle!

However technology - has opened up a world of wonders for us,
I can now click onto websites and actually watch how others prepare and cook those once mystifying meals!

So on Thursday I made a soup called 
Ash e Reshteh

This is like a comfort food for many Persians!
It's a soup which thickens up once the noodles are added - 
and always tastes better the next day!!

With the weather turning cold and grey in Melbourne 
I thought it might be time to have a go at this one
even though I have made soups that are along the lines of this one 
I had never actually made This soup
and whenever there is a family gathering with Mr VintageNobility's family
often someone brings this soup -
and they all sit and gobble up and enjoy! 
So it was high time I did this 
and did it to perfection!

Well he's impressed - not just being nice - but I have impressed him at how accurately I have managed to create this old favourite!!
I confess I used the Internet to get everything right!
No dash of this or that, handful or whatever feels or sounds about right...
Nope I actually followed the recipe (well- as best I could) and got things right!!
You can find this and many more wonderful 'Persian' recipes here

However I'll give you the recipe run-down here too!

2 large onions, sliced thinly length wise
6-8 cloves of garlic, minced
1/3 cup chickpeas
1/3 cup red beans
1/2 cup lentils
2 tsp turmeric
3 cups fresh parsley (packed – equivalent to 1 1/2 bunch)
2 cups fresh corriander (packed – equivalent to 1 bunch)
2 cups fresh mint (packed – equivalent to 1 bunch)
20 springs of fresh chives or  scallions ( green portion of scallions only)
700gms baby spinach
60 gms reshteh - Persian Noodle (or you can use thin Flat linguine pasta) 
(I added lots more noodles - as my husband prefers more noodles!!)
1 tbsp plain flour

1 large red onion, thinly sliced
2 tbsp dried mint
kashk, whey ( sour cream or greek yoghurt can be substituted for kashk)

It's a good idea to crank up the radio and chop up all those herbs before you start,
but do make sure you rinse and wash them very well - no one want's sandy grit in their soup!
Personally, I also find it better to chop them all fine by hand - because my food processor never quite gets all the stalks and leaves evenly chopped,
so I figure it's easier to do it myself and just rhythmically chop away until they're done!!

Start by chopping up your
Garlic and Onions - nice and fine!
Set them aside and get to work on the herbs. 

Rinse all the herbs REALLY well...
no-one likes sandy grit in their soup!

Once they're clean

chop them all up finely and toss them into a big bowl!

Now if you didn't soak your beans, lentils and chickpeas over night - then crack open a can of each - like I did - and then scoop out the required amount - I ate the leftovers with my lunch!! I am sure that if you did soak them fresh - the soup would taste EVEN better...but I thought the soup was just fine with my canned legumes!!

So measure out your tumeric add a splash of olive oil if you wish - I did,
to help stop the onions from sticking to the base of my pot.

Toss in the onions and garlic and flick them around.
Crack in a bit of salt and pepper to your taste! 
(You can always season more as you go along) 

Once the onions and garlic have softened down to that translucent stage,
throw in your beans, lentils and chickpeas.

Saute for a few more minutes - then add 8 cups of water to the pot!

If, like me you used canned legumes, then really, you could add in the spinach and herbs now and just let the whole thing simmer for an hour or so!
Otherwise they suggest you let the beans and chickpeas cook down for an hour before adding in the herbs and lentils!

It was at about this time that I transferred my soup into the slow-cooker, stuck the lid on, switched it to Low and popped on up to the shops! 

I came back to the delightful fragrance of the soup wafting about the house!!

Now if you don't have the 'Persian' Noodles - no drama - then just use a flat linguine pasta 
(or flat egg noodle) break it up and add it into the soup 
(I added quite a bit more - as I know my kids love anything with noodles!) 

As this is a thick and hearty soup, grab a small bowl, place 1 tablespoon of plain flour in the bowl and add about 3 tablespoons of the soup liquid into the bowl - mix it up with the flour to form a paste and add this back into the soup pot,
while the noodles/pasta softens down. 

Meantime fry up your red onions in some vegetable oil until they're nice and golden,
once they start to golden up (caramelize) add in the dried mint and crisp up the onions!
These are used to garnish the soup! 

By about now - you're no doubt hungry and ready to eat! 
So dab on a tiny bit of the kashk (or if you prefer...yoghurt or sour cream) 
add a spoonful of the crispy onion/mint mix 
and there you have it!

Asheh Reshteh - Persian Noodle Soup! 

*This soup tastes even better the next day!*
Now with regards to the Kashk - this is not for the faint-hearted it's basically a whey paste!  I'd personally prefer the soup as is - or maybe with a spoonful of greek yoghurt - but if you have managed to find it- and you want to give it go - then just add a few dobs of kashk and stir it into the soup really well!   

**You can also add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice just before serving - I often add a bit to my soups - because I like a bit of acidity...but it's up to you if you like to do this!!

Since trying to type up this post (started on Friday)
I have had a lovely weekend!
It was Mother's Day yesterday 
and I was spoiled and pampered by the kids and Mr VintageNobility,
On Saturday my lovely mother and father-in-law were in town 
(they live in another state and had travelled to Melbourne for a concert)
and popped in for a big brunch with us...
so MIL got to have a sample of the leftover soup!

 I passed!!

Heheee -no really, she was delighted with the result 
- but furthermore - 
my father-in-law 
who is fed and nurtured by my mother-in-law's deeeelicious cooking/food on a daily basis
declared (in Farsi/Persian) 
that the soup - my soup - was Beeeeautiful!! 
Complete with the usual hand waving and smiles and lots of motioning for 
another bowl!

So there you have it folks, 
an Aussie chic,
cooking up some hearty
Persian Noodle Soup!!

Do you want another delicious dish to try?

I have a few more to show you 

Keep an eye out for what's cooking day to day on my 
As always...come on by and say "Hey" 

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xxxx Love & Light xxxx


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well Hellooooo pretty ladies 

(or gents - no gender bias here;)!

Snapshot of my pretty little ladies all bundled altogether in one big picture!

Hope I find you well and with a drink in your hand and a moment to sit!

So Nice...yup, I'm a Soy girl

Let me start with a 
for taking this moment to read my little ol' blog here!

Some gardenia's picked out of the garden,; gracing my purple glass luvlies today!

Sooooo, when the kids returned from their adventures 
my blogging was once again naturally suspended...

They're at school at the moment - so I will take what brief time I have between the many things,
I am,
 at this very moment,
 procrastinating over,
 enjoy this sweet little minute with you!

So what's happening in the world of VintageNobility... 
 the daily grind of life is back,
now that the school holidays are done,

We're walking to school each morning,

We're cooking 


Roasted Pumpkin & Chickpea salad!


Gobbling Ruby Red Jewels from Pommegrante's grown by my gorgeous Mother In Law! 

I've done some foofing about 
with bit's I have managed to get done (or almost done)

and skipping about over new 'vintage' finds...

I call this lady 'ere Tilly - she is sooooo petite and delicate and holds little teaspoons!

This dainty lady - hmmm...has no name - but is probably pretty enuff without one!

I wasn't going to 
- but then -
I thought about it 
I just couldn't resist! 
It just is soooo sweet and I know it will be cherished alongside my rosey china!

Grindley Blue Lupin Platter - what's not to love - $10 sealed it!

most importantly
feeling very blessed with my life,
even in all the chaos and renovating dis-order

So if your still reading at this point, and have stuck it out to here
Can I give you a virtual hug?

And tell you this...
Thank you,
I may not have a Sister
but I do love the 'Sista's'
 I have made with
 in this journey called

I love the sista's who I meet through my 
Blogging attempts, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

I hope you will consider yourself one of my 
Sista's and let me know how you're doing!

Where can I find you?
What are you doing with your days?
What are your hopes and dreams?

As always... 
 you're too shy to say "hey" here 
you're always welcome to drop
in on me 
over on Facebook
Pinterest :)

Or Follow me and check out my regular updates in pictures on Instagram!

May your day be filled with 
sweet goodness of 
Sunshine and Lollypops!

Enuff procrastinating for now...gotta go get on with this day :)

Or maybe just flip through this for the afternoon!! :P

xxxx Love & Light xxxx